• What should I expect at a Nelson Basketball Academy camp?:  Camp will be demanding and intense.  Expect to work hard and be pushed to get better.  Nelson Basketball Camps are not for “recreational” players.  They are for players that have a deep desire to improve.  We have a keen focus on fundamentals and learning to think the game and understand the game at a higher level.


  • What should I bring to camp?  Basketball gear: shoes, shirts, shorts, many pairs of socks, water bottle.  We will provide you with a player notebook.


  • What is a satellite camp?  A satellite camp is simply where I bring my staff to your school to host camp.


  • What is the difference between a Point Guard Camp and a Satellite Camp?  The main difference is the format.  Most PG camps are 2 full days.  Most satellite camps are broken down into 3 shorter days.  80% of the curriculum is the same at both camps.


  • Do I have to be a Point Guard to come to the PG camp?  Simply put, no.  All players that want to learn how to lead their team and develop a higher skill on the basketball floor will benefit from the Point Guard Camp.


  • Are meals provided at camp?  At the Point Guard camps or other format of camps that run all day, we will provide meals.  Most satellite camps will not have meals provided.  This will be explained in detail via email once you sign up for a camp.